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NICAPA Basic Tool Set for Weeding

NICAPA Basic Tool Set for Weeding

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NICAPA Basic Tool Set for Weeding

The NICAPA basic tool set includes 5 specialty weeding tools, including scissors, weeder, spatula, tweezers and a scraper.

The scissors cut cleanly with a micro-tip blade and provide precision cuts with all materials. Hardened stainless steel blades feature a removable blade cover.

The weeder is perfect for removing tiny cuts, including negative pieces of vinyl and iron-on from the carrier sheet, or poking out tiny negative pieces from a cut cardstock image.

The spatula will precisely lift images from the NICAPA cutting mat, preventing tearing and curling.

The tweezers are designed with a reverse grip feature, enabling them to lift and secure in one step.

The scraper is custom designed to scrape and clean unwanted scraps from the NICAPA cutting mats, contributing to a longer lasting mat.

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